Cracking The Code

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Cracking the Code – A Practical Guide to Getting You Hired

Filled with tools, insights, and stories to help you take charge, re-invent and re-invest in yourself, your career, and ultimately your life! Molly offers practical tools and advice on her proven approach to get you better results from your career, resume, job search, and everything in between.

Molly explains her best-practice tools from working with clients and her 15+ years in hiring, recruiting, human resources, and career/life coaching.

In Cracking the Code you will learn:

  • How to get clarity on who you are and what you want
  • How to build your resume so it reflects where you want to go with your career
  • The 4 ways people get hired into any company.
  • Best practices for interviewing, salary negotiations, and offers
  • Why it sometimes isn’t about finding a new job!

Why I wrote this book:

Cracking the Code is for all the frustrated, hopeless, and lost job seekers out there.

I'm a recruiter and Career Coach who leverages my 15+ years in the business of hiring people to offer tools for success in getting my clients better results quickly! My typical clients have been job searching with little to no results for 6 months to a year and with the techniques I discuss in the book, they start seeing better results in as little as days or weeks!

I wrote this book because someone who has been in the hiring business needed to. I have been frustrated for years at the lack of current and useful information on resumes and job searching. No one teaches people how things work behind the scenes and how simple things on your resume can put roadblocks between you and getting interviews. No one teaches that your resume is about telling a story NOT what your job responsibilities have been. Or that there are only 4 ways people ever get hired into ANY company!

The book is jam packed with goodness and real stories! For being a quick read (37 pages), I can almost guarantee you will learn something about the process of “getting hired” you never knew before.